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Conferences of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Conference on Animal Models for Neurodegenerative Diseases 2017


Conference title

AMND - Conference on Animal Models for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Date 22 - 24 October 2017
Venue Conference centre of AS CR - CHATEAU LIBLICE
Conference web

Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Libechov, Czech Republic -PIGMOD Centre

(for more information please visit the web site of the conference)


Laboratory of Cell Regeneration and Plasticity

Abstract deadline

17. September 2017

Registration deadline 24. September 2017


Contact person - organizer Mgr. Michal Schmoranz
Telephone +420 315 639 560; +420 777 468 683
Fax +420 315 639 540
Contact person - Chateau Liblice Ing. Lubomir Martinicky
Telephone +420 731 696 698


All prices are including VAT

Accomodation in Double room  2500,- CZK/room/night (approx. 95 EUR/night)
Accomodation in Single room  2100,- CZK/night (approx. 81 EUR/night)
Conference fee   6750,- CZK/person (approx. 253 EUR/person)

Now please follow these steps below

Step Nr. 1               LOG IN TO THE BOOKING SYSTEM                 

Click on this link to display the booking system. Log in the top bar  (all with capital letters)


You will be forwarded to the AMND Conference offer

It is necessary to either log in under this name and password in order to recieve the AMND package or to use the following hyperlink



Step Nr. 2                   BOOK YOUR ROOM ONLINE                   

After loging in to the AMND Conference offer please choose requested number of nights and person. Please note that the rooms are available only from 20th October untill 27th October. If you wish to stay longer please contact us at

Step Nr. 3                                   

 CONFERENCE FEE                                                                               

Please choose "Conference fee" in Step 2 of the booking - Extras  (marked as "Select extras" ) Please note that the price is per person. If there will be 2 participants in one double room you have to add 2x conference fee.

 Conference fee

Step Nr. 4                       SPECIAL REQUESTS, PAYMENT          

After recieving your reservation you will be contacted by our sales team to check your payment preferences (bank transfer, credit card) and to check your special requests (allergy etc.). The hotel does not authorize charges before your arrival. In case you received a special offer from the conference organizer put this information in the „additional information“ in the next step and the actual charges will be calculated after your arrival


Step Nr. 5                     OTHER USEFUL INFORMATIONS      

We are here to assist you. If you have any questions, or if you need some help, do not hesitate to contact us at

  • If you wish to participate conference only (without accomodation)
  • If you wish to share the room with any of your colleagues
  • To get informations how to get to Chateau Liblice
  • To inform us about your special requests

Thank you and we are looking forward to your visit.

TEAM of the Conference center AS CR - Chateau Liblice

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